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Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops & Coaching

Vicki Stanwycks has been teaching Photography for more than 15 years. Her workshops are focused on Photography and incorporates Digital Skills and Image making knowledge... Her workshops are in Bay St. Louis and in New Orleans, enjoy a  Photo Adventure!

Photography is an Adventure!

Learning how to use your camera and doing it at a Workshop can prove fun, interesting and offers a Photographic Experience. You will retain the information you receive in Vicki's workshops because she makes it interesting. We offer different kinds of workshops, and you can check it out on the Studio's workshop pages. Whether you're in the swamps or on a weekend shoot, you will create Photographs, and images that will spark your creative enthusiasm.  Your camera is a valuable tool if used well and done with passion and excitement!

Photography Classes

Photography Classes

The Stanwycks Photography Studio offers Photography workshops, classes and coaching for the beginner to seasoned shooters wanting to get more from their Photography Experience.

Most workshops are designed to be one on one, you and the Instructor, Vicki Stanwycks. This way all the attention is focused on you. Any questions or information that needs more attention is at your pace and not at the pace of a class with many participants.

We also offer small group classes if you have a small group. Stanwycks Photography class's don't leave you guessing or in the dark about how your camera functions or how to look at and understand light. The many principles of Photography sometimes can sound like a different language. We are here to help you understand Photography.

If you have an interest in Photography, please go check out our workshops and class pages so you can find what you might be interested in. Please give us a call so we can get you scheduled. You won't be sorry! You will see your Camera and Photography in a whole different light!!!

Photography  Workshops & Classes

Photography Workshops & Classes


Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes in Bay St. Louis and New Orleans. Our classes cover basic photography and more advanced levels, coaching, shooting and post production. Our Workshops take people Around the Gulf Coast... and to New Orleans and Louisiana adventures, from the beautiful Bayou, the colorful French Quarter and the History filled Grave Yards throughout New Orleans... We even offer a Photography bootcamp for thosae that really want to up their photographic game!

Colorful Photography

Colorful Photography... Colorful Paintings with Photography... Wherever you are and whatever you do, there is always a little bit of color to make our life brighter... We bring that to our clients assignments; Special Effects, Painting, Graphic Design, Retouching...  We bring life to your images...

Stanwycks Photography Serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well as New Orleans. We currently have  2 locations - One, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and one in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Some things on this site will say New Orleans and may also apply to the Bay St. Louis Studio. Please give us a call and book your session today!

the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Bay St. Louis, New Orleans... We serve Mississippi & Louisiana

We Specialize in People....

Studio Specialties, People, Places & Things...

Headshots for Executives, Models & Talent

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Specials, Studio or On-Location Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Family, Important Events, Save The Date, Graduation

Headshots & Portraits

Portraits for Families, Children and Graduation...

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography are the images we hold of those important to us... Images that unwrap parts of out lives of People, Places and Events in the studio, on-location, and at venues where our lives unfold...

Save The Date Sessions for Wedding Photography

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Engagement, Save the Date Sessions for Wedding Photography

We can create great Pre-Bridal and Save the Date Photos for this very special time in your life...

Commercial Photography Portfolios,  Aerial, Corporate, Lifestyle

Commercial Photography for Business

Commercial Photography

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in commercial photography. Our Photographers create images that show your company's products in the best light, heightening the corporate brand. A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words, but hopefully the images we create for you can generate $1,000's of dollars!

Corporate & Executive Headshots

Corporate and Executive Headshot Photography... We Photograph the Corporate Executive and People in the Workplace, at our studio and at your locations. We photograph the board room, the CEO and the staff that make your business work.

We also offer Retouching Services

We can Photograph your Team from Hard Hats to Suits...

The Workplace today can be in any environment, outside at an industrial location, to inside a beautiful 50 floor Corporate building. Our specialty is showing people at work in all environments. Executive Headshots in the office or studio or showing the jobsite showing the people who make things happen.

Models & Talent, Headshots and Portfolios

Lifestyle Photography are the images we hold of those important to us... Images that unwrap parts of out lives of People, Places and Events in the studio, on-location, and at venues where our lives unfold...

Headshots for Actors, Executives & Talent...

Our studio specializes in Headshots. We have been photographing people for more than 23 years. We offer coaching during our headshots sessions to bring out the best in you so you will look great in Front of Casting Directors, Social Media, Portfolios and your Brand. Do you want to look great in Pictures? Call us!

Modeling Portfolios and Actors Headshots

Actors and & Modeling Portfolios, in The Studio or On-Location we will make you look great and get you noticed by those looking to hire you. We offer Comp Cards and Portfolios. Call today!

Architectural, Interior Exterior Photography

Architectural Photography for Commercial Real Estate, Designers, Builders & Architects

Architectural. Interior/Exterior, Real Estate Photography shows properties inside and out creating the best light either through natural light or lighting that we create at your location. We have been shooting On-Location for more than 23 years. We even shoot aerial photography of your buildings and Ships!

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography tells the story of how America Works... Be it in the Factory, a Corporation, On an Oil Rig, out at Sea... We are there covering how you build, work and participate...

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography for City Scapes...

Aerial Photography one of our studio's specialties...


We can capture the landscape in the city or from the ocean using a Helicopter, Chopper, Cessna or Sea Plane.

Ships, Buildings, Real Estate, Events...We fly with several different types of aircraft, depending on the assignment; Helicopters, Chopper's, Cessna's, Sea Planes, etc... experienced Aerial Photographers and Pilots that work in creating great Images...

From Corporate Environments to Ships in the Gulf

Stanwycks Photography can shoot images anywhere you need us to go for your business and your life. We shoot in the Studio, On Location... Land, Sea or Air... We are there with Camera's in hand!

Aerial Photography - A view while flying one afternoon

Vicki Stanwycks Photographer Shooting Aerial Photography over the Mouth of the Mississippi River

Ideas are what creates great Images!

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Mardi Gras Photography & Event Workshops  (2024 - 25)

Experienced Professional Photographers, Skilled and Talented

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Whatever the Project, Our photographers can help you with events and projects, big or small... We can create the best images that speak to what you need from the Fun Side to  Corporate , Industrial, Advertising & Aerial style Photography...

Photography and Creating a Brand for You or Your Company

We Produce Great Photography

People, Places and Things...

We Offer Awesome Photography Services... & Are Here To Help You

Our Services

Check out Bay St. Louis Photo's different services. When we say we shoot "People, Places and Things..." We really mean it!

We offer a wide variety of experience.  When we are shooting your assignment we don't just bring cameras and lighting gear, we will know just what to do, to create the images you need!

Get In Touch

Bay St. Louis Photo, Stanwycks Photography would love for you to take a look around our web site and then if you like it, we hope you will contact us for your next assignment.

-Thank you!

About Us

Colorful Images or Black and White, In Studio or On-Location... We create photography for all walks of life every day....

We work all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans.


Services in Bay St. Louis and The Ms Gulf coast

Stanwycks Photography - Our New Location... The Bay St. Louis studio - is in the heart of Old Town, next to the Ugly Pirate... We Shoot all over the Gulf Coast, Biloxi, Gulfport ( and Bay St. Louis. Doesn't matter where we are, Stanwycks shoots on-location, for Headshots, Model Portfolios, Corporate Headshots and Portraits, Industrial or Lifestyle assignments.

We shoot on-location and set up at your location or ours. We will set up a studio almost anywhere depending on the assignment. Stanwycks Photography makes it easy for clients and deliver quality images that reflect your look and brand. We also have an on-line gallery where you can order prints and digital images from your sessions.

Super Support

At Stanwycks Photography we strive to deliver great Images,  and Outstanding Customer Service. Every customer is important and creating images that are important to you, is just as important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for years and we  are their Go -To photographers. We want to shoot your first assignment and for a long time to come.



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Sessions By Appointment Only

Photography Excellence

Studio or On-Location Stanwycks Photography creates images for you and your team, whatever the project. Our Photography services are excellent and come with 23+ years of experience. We offer  cutting edge technology to insure you are getting the best in imaging.

Please call us today

We try to help you come up with a plan for your Photography  so that your projects run smoothly and cost effective. "A  good plan can make all the difference in the world to any assignment, especially yours..."

Client Love


David Briggs

"Wow! Had no idea what goes into a photo shoot. We had to shoot our company, including the people that run it (Me and my family) and our employees. We had to shoot what we manufacture and make it look good. We left it to Vicki and she put it all together for us, from the shoot days to giving us final images for our graphic designers. All we had to do was show up and smile... Thank you Vicki!"


Jennifer Otello

"We had been planning a Luncheon event for several months, a corporate meeting with several award recipients and speakers. One of our staff was going to shoot it and they got sick. Stanwycks Photography stepped in and got exactly what we needed and more. We used the photos for our website and our upcoming newsletter. We will hire them again. They saved the day!"

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