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Bayou Photography Workshops

The Swamp can be a very interesting place to photograph...

Cypress Knees, Aligators and a Beautiful Swamp Landscape...

We have a choice of several Bayou Locations depending on the time of year...
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Some Images From The Bayou...

We love shooting in the Bayou....

Bayou Photography Workshop

We travel into the Louisiana Bayous with an experienced guide (who is also a captain) and his boat... This is quite the adventure... We start early in the morning and work till later in the afternoon with a break for lunch in a Cajun village area.

We Offer Other Photography Adventures....

Phone:  228.220.4833

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Photograph the Bayous, the Louisiana Swamps...

Shooting Photographs in the swamps lead to some very interesting images...

And your guides will show you where and how!

The Bayou and Cajun Towns

A day Workshop or a weekend Workshop we will bring you into the Bayou and show you what the fuss is all about.

How close have you ever been to alligator? Do you know the difference between a Crocodile or an Alligator? See the wildlife and vegetation of the Swamps... It's like no place you have ever been.

"This Summer I was in one area of the Swamp on an Airboat and passing through one of the narrow Bayous to get to the more Open Bird Areas, it was like being in Disney World. It was so beautiful seeing the hanging moss. All we could hear were the birds. It was like no place I had ever Been." - Vicki Stanwycks

Bayou & Swamp Workshop

We offer various workshops throughout the year and cover many topics. The Louisiana Swamp Workshops are one of our most popular photography trips as folks love to see the magic of the bayou. From sunrise to Sundown - even I the rain it's very different kind of beauty, all it's own.

Call us today to see if we have an ongoing workshop at this time or we can work with you individually to help you find your inner photographer, who can make images anywhere and fast.

**Keep in mind what you should bring is what you would travel with traditionally. If traveling I like to travel keeping in mind to keep things as simple and as light as possible to keep fatigue at a minimum.


What to Bring...

New Orleans Bayou Photography Workshop

Attendees must be able to stand and walk around. Attendees responsible for their own gear and carrying it. Some shots require walking and moving in larger areas. Bring what you would bring if you were on Vacation. Call and ask for our recomendations.


Bayou Photography Workshops Info

Full Day and Weekend Workshops

Coaching One On One

We Coach you in all our workshops... Our Professionals offer Tips and Techniques to help make you better shooters!

Photography Adventures

Anything about taking your camera and creating an adventure, like being  in the swamps are an awesome place to create colorful attention grabbing photography.  You will learn more about photography as you explore this unique terrain.

Stanwycks Photography - Bayou Adventures

Bayou Workshops are a discovery into the Louisiana Bayous showing the natural scenery and wildlife. With a camera  you can create the most wonderful images of your journey. See Louisiana in a natural more exciting way. Create images in the Louisiana Swamp that not many get see and experience. 

Bayou Photography Workshops

We travel into the Bayous with an experienced guide and his boat... This is quite the adventure... we motor off into the Bayous where our guide brings us to the prime Bayou Areas,  showing Cypress Knees, Hanging Moss Trees, Gators, Swamps, Louisiana Nature, and it's various animals and Birds.

We visit  fishing areas... Old Grave Yards and see some of the locals discussing the catch of the day...  Vicki Stanwycks assists and teaches how to create images of the New Orleans Bayou Landscape, Gators, Hanging Moss Cypress Trees, People, Graveyards and the Cajun Landscape.


Weekend or Two Day -Bayou Photography Workshops

We travel into the Louisiana Bayous and visit three swamp areas over the course of the weekend.  This is quite the adventure... we motor off  on boats and experience an Air Boat into the Bayous where our guides bring us to the  Bayou Areas,  showing Cypress Knees, Hanging Moss Trees, Gators, Swamps, Louisiana Nature, and it's various animals and Birds. We visit  fishing areas... Old Grave Yards and see some of the locals discussing the catch of the day... 

We also get to taste some of the local flavors and fresh catches of the day depending on where we grab a bite. Vicki Stanwycks assists and teaches how to create images of the New Orleans Bayou Landscape, Gators, Hanging Moss Cypress Trees, People, Graveyards and the Cajun Landscape.


Using Your Camera to Tell Stories...

Photography in general alludes to fun and excitement. Photography also brings one to many places both in your minds eye and in the actual photograph. We travel to exotic places with the idea in mind to create equally exotic Photographs. We are travelers, we are adventure seekers and we want to see and do more and capture it through our cameras.
However if we don't know how to do it well, take Photographs... all that excitement dies fast when our Photographs don't look like what we felt and saw when we look at them. Good Photography creates a feeling and better photography get us excited. The old cliché that;

"A picture is worth a thousand Words!"

Your Vision is Unique

It's true... I would like to think and hope that some images are worth more words and some Photographs do all the talking. Wouldn't you like to be that Creator? Wouldn't you like to create pictures that speak to your viewing audience?
Take the first step with us at Stanwycks Photography and we will get you on that path today. We will help you understand photography and it's language so much better. You will see!

The Bayou Can Be Very Colorful and Different...


General Information & Rates

Classes, Coaching or Workshops, we love to help our clients make better Photographs.

Whatever Workshops or Classes you choose when working with us we want to help you be better with your camera and how you use it.

We believe in starting form the basics as a foundation. One can read many books on photography and until you have someone standing there with you and telling you why it is or isn't working, you won't get it as quickly as you may think.

Besides all that we make your experience with us fun and memorable as we shoot in your desired locations. Whether on the Gulf coast or in New Orleans we make it interesting and your images will be a direct result.

Full Day Photography Workshops

Subject Dependent Swamp Full Day
  • Swamp Full Day Workshops
  • Professional Photographer/Instructors to guide you
  • Guidance and Coaching with Camera and Composition
  • One On One Workshops or Your Small Group

Photography Weekend Workshops

Variable Price Depending on Workshop Attractions
  • Professional Photographer - Instructor and Photography Coach
  • Swamp Weekend Workshops - Call for Availiblity
  • Various Swamp Locations to Photograph
  • On on One or Small Group Workshops

Call Stanwycks Photography today

We are happy to discuss what kind of photography you want to work on. We can come up with ideas and suggestions that could be great just for you!

Phone: 228.220.4833


New Orleans Photography Classes and Workshops

Learning Photography with Vicki Stanwycks

Workshops & Classes

Photography Workshops & Classes

Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes. Our classes cover basic photography and more advanced levels, coaching, shooting and post production.
Our Workshops take people on New Orleans and Louisiana adventures, from the beautiful Bayou, the colorful French Quarter and the History filled Grave Yards throughout New Orleans... We even offer a Photography bootcamp that really want to up their photographic game!
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Gulfport Photo - Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years all over the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Ocean Springs and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images.  Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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