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Gulfport Photo, Stanwycks Photography and Convention Photography Services

Convention Photography, Your Corporate Events, Meetings, Party's Dinners, Award Presentations, etc. We are there... Camera in hand delivering great coverage of you!

People Attend Conventions and Events and Stanwycks Photography Photographs Them....


Conventions and Event Photography

Photography for Corporate Events, Meetings and Conventions...

Conventions, Events & Meeting Info

Gulfport Photo Covers Events

Our Photographers cover large Galas to small intimate events. Where ever you are, whoever you're with, we create photographs that tell stories and capture important moments. Photographers shoot with flexibility following the flow of your event, corporate gathering, convention, or gala extravaganzas! We cover weddings with style, and capture the love you feel, showing the romance and love of the day.

Our Photographs Tell Stories

Our photographs tell stories. We have been photographing events for more than 20 years. With  experience comes an intuitive flare that follows meaningful moments as well as explosive ones. We have witnessed speeches, vows, special moments between people... and lots of love!

We have photographed Ship Christenings, Ground breakings, and ceremonies of all kinds. Coverage  Mardi Gras every year photographing over 26,000 pictures a year, posting them on-line.

Some of "Who" we have Photographed at Special Events

Our Photography has covered the Louisiana Supreme Court Justices, all the Head Justices for the National Supreme Court at their yearly gatherings;  Photographer Vicki Stanwycks, covers events happy and sad, momentous and simple.

If you need good event photography we can be there to photograph images as they unfold... surroundings, people and events... to tell your story.  Books, CD's, Prints, albums are available. We offer an on-line Gallery Site for viewing your images and you can also get a multitude of print products there as well.

We upload  images onto our web site for your final image selections. Everything we do is to offer our clients convenience and great imaging services.

Photo Sessions or Events, Speakers to Award Dinners....

No matter who you are or what you want to say in your pictures, we can create the right images for your professional needs.   Our Professional Photographers can create a session that delivers a look that makes you user friendly yet serious about your profession. We shoot from a commercial point of view keeping in mind the latest trends.

We also offer Retouching services and special effects. Do you have an idea in mind for photos? We have all kinds of special effects and techniques that will make you look fantastic. We use color, black and white, lighting  and photography techniques to make everything we do look great!

Possessing Professional skills and years of Photographic experience makes all the difference to Professional Photography Services.

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Call us to get more Information....

What our Photography Goals Are

Corporate Events, Conventions, CEO's...

Gulport Photo, Stanwycks Photography  has covered major events for sure... for over 23 years we have been covering our clients events from New York to California and London to New Orleans...

We specialize in Photography of People, at events, and doing what is special for their Business and personal lives...

  • Executives, CEO's, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Politicians

  • Corporate Events, Meetings, Awards Presentations, Banquets, Dinners, Parties

  • Conventions, Trade Shows, Trade Show Booths, Speakers, Seminars, Presentations

  •  People at Work, Corporate, Industry... Working Individuals

Not sure what you need we can help you know in a free consultation...

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What our Photography Goals Are

Meetings, Luncheons, Dinners, Award Presentations

We've got you covered... Tell us when to be there and we will be. Gulport Photo, Stanwycks Photography  goes on location to all places business covering the Mississippi Gulf Coast and New Orleans.

  • Latest Up to Date Technology

  • Can set up a photography studio anywhere, at a convention or meeting

  • Headshots of Convention or Meeting Attendees for your website while they are all in one place, we do it all the time
  • Trade Shows, Trade Show Booths, Speakers, Seminars, Presentations

  •  We offer full and half day rates

  • Discounts for more than one day of shooting

Let's discuss what you need we can make it happen for you and make it easy for you as well.

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Event Rate Information

General Event Photography Coverage

Full & Half Day Rates Day Rates
  • Full Coverage of your Event as Directed
  • Candid Imaging
  • Studio Set Up's if Required
  • Processing/Remastered Images
  • Image Uplod onto the Internet for Image Selections
  • Images sent via Dropbox

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the Web Site for client selections.

As an Executive you are in the public eye either working with and for people in all sectors. Your executive images are in many ways the first time your client will have their first contact with you. Within the first 3 seconds they will judge you in several ways; if you are strong, strong enough, user friendly, experienced, old or young enough, etc... And some will even decide if they like you based on your photograph.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 888-526-8299 or email

We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!


Some Commercial Images

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Gulfport Photo - Stanwycks Photography has been shooting for more than 23 years all over the Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Ocean Springs and Nationally. Give us a call today so we can discuss your project(s). Please look through our pages and hope you enjoy our images. Thank you... -Vicki Stanwycks

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