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Industrial Photography for Gulfport and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.. We make Industry look Good...

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Industrial Photography

We create images for various industries that are the nuts and bolts of America, like the oil & gas industry, marine and transportation, construction, ship building & manufacturing, chemical engineering plants, ships, etc. Industrial photography isn't always beautiful, but we would like to think so.

Industrial Photography - Photography of the Industries that make America Great!

Stanwycks Photography shoots Industrial Photography

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in the factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, Oil and Gas plants, barges, Bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants... We have seen and photographed how America Works and it's pretty amazing."

Industrial Photography Information

Photography for Industry, People at work and how they do it...

We Shoot Photography for industry. Industrial Images shot on location including manufacturing enterprises, operations, People at work, mechanical and transportation venues, rigs, industrial plants, factories, ships, warehouses, construction, welding, barges, machinery, etc. We travel on land, air and sea.

New Orleans and the surrounding areas including the Gulf South Coastal areas are rich with industrial resources. Many rigs in the surrounding areas of Louisiana and Mississippi drill for Oil & Gas. The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest in the United States, many ships transporting cargo and providing transportations services for the rest of the country.

Many chemical, grain and manufacturing plants lie on the banks of the Mississippi. Photography in all realms, in these areas are what we do and do it well. We also have support staff for rigging and transportation to get us where you need us to be shooting your images...  we get the images that are necessary for companies, sub-contractors, engineers and individuals to tell their story showing the nuts and bolts of what you do, our images make it look it good, attractive, showing what various industries do, who they are and where it's all done.

Industrial Photography...

Industrial Photography

America's Industry is far reaching and important to how we as a country function. Advertising and Documentation through Photography including structure, people at work and the many services that Industry provides including building, manufacturing, machining, technology, shipping, transportation, welding,  oceanic - marine and oil, construction, etc. are all important to the companies that provide these services and need images that show what you do. Stanwycks Photography Shoots it.

America and the people who work it every day are amazing...

"America is amazing... from America's people to it's various industries... We have been in the factories, Ships and Rigs at sea, Oil and Gas plants, barges, Bridges, nuclear plants, cement pours, grain elevators, chemical plants... We have seen and photographed how America Works and it's pretty amazing. This year our Images will be in the Smithsonian Institute and Our United States Congress highlighting Industry in the United States and Transportation including Ships and Transportation. Pretty Awesome for sure!"

"We have our cameras ready, even our own Hard Hats"

Industrial Photography, Commercial Fisherman in the Gulf

Location Photography

Bridges, Ships, Factories, the machines that drive them... Our studio photographs them for web sites, advertising, annual reports, mixed media purposes and social media sites.


Mixed Media choices available, Printed materials, brochures and Graphic Design, retouching and digital darkroom Photoshop services available


Stanwycks Photography specializes in making images for Industry


Full and Half Day Rates Available

  • Locations Outside of New Orleans + time and Expenses

  • Travel Time and Session if  more than 2 hours, 1/2 day rate applies

  • Half and Full Day Rates - Price determined on assignment

  • Images on Drop Box Available, remastering included, Please Inquire

  • All images available

  • Digital Processing is required for all digital images

  • Retouching available

Corporate Studio Info

Stanwycks Photography has been established for many years, working with the corporate environment and the people that are the movers and shakers.

Vicki Stanwycks  an experienced professional photographer knows how to make people look good.   Executives need to engender looks of power and  professionalism.   Photography for the executive is not simply a portrait but a look that is used commercially and will sell their services. 

Shooting people for media usages entail a commercial shooting style geared towards advertising, which is why so many choose, Stanwycks Photography to shoot their headshots.

Aerial Photography of Ship

Industrial Photography Pricing Structures

Day Rates Applied

Packages Available
  • Price will dependent on assignment goals, locations, and final images
  • Assignment Packages based on Day Rates and Quantity of Final Images
  • Remastering for all Final Images
  • Retouching Available
  • Up Load of images onto the Internet for Final Image Selection and for clients from out of town

Industrial Photography

Architectural Photography for Commercial Real Estate, Designers, Builders & Architects

Industrial Photography Information

Industrial Photography tells the story of how America Works... Be it in the Factory, a Corporation, On an Oil Rig, out at Sea... We are there covering how you build, work and participate...

Industrial Teams People at Work, Executive's
From Suits to Hard Hats....

Corporate Headshots, The Team...
We Will Make You Look Great!

Executive Headshots
CEO, Corporate Headshots, People At Work

Corporate and Business Promotions, Web Sites, Social Media, Conventions, Meetings,

Public Speaking, etc...


Corporate Headshots

  • One Outfit, two Outfits, in Studio Session, One Image Retouched, Session Uploaded for Private Viewing and Selection, One E-mail Transmission
  • Simple One Outfit Session on Location Outdoors
  • Location Studio Session, One Outfit Session on Location...
  • We can set up our location gear for your office or any location, you need us to shoot.
  • We make it easy for you if you are on the go. If you want your potential audience to get a feel for your business, people or location we can shoot at your location incorporating your surroundings into your images.
  • Additional Subjects at the location priced per assignment
  • Two Outfit Session in Studio - Dressy and Casual
  • Additional Looks - Tell us what you want!
  • Half and Full Day Rates Available for larger projects. Price determined by assignment
  • Discounts are possible available for more than one day of shooting
  • Images delivered via Drop Box, Please Inquire

Need a new Executive Headshot?
Do you have a new position and want to announce it on Linkedin or Facebook?
Are you a Politician running for Office?
An Attorney that needs a new Executive Portrait for the Firm?
Book your session today!

Studio and Location Sessions

As an Executive...

As an Executive you are in the public eye either working with and for people in all sectors.

Your executive images are in many ways the first time your client will have their first contact with you. Within the first 3 seconds they will judge you in several ways; if you are strong, strong enough, user friendly, experienced, old or young enough, etc...  And some in your viewing audience will even decide if they like you based on your photograph.

What Other Are Saying

Industrial Photography, Building Cement Platforms

A Few Nice Words....

"Vicki Stanwycks has been using Air Reldan, Inc. for aerial photography for over 20 years. Her demanding criteria of the pilots performance over a photo site is paramount to getting the right images; which is evident when you see the photographic accomplishments created over the years. It is always a pleasure working with her, and her high standards and creativity make her a unique professional photographer"

-Neal Nadler, President Air Reldan. 

"Vicki and I have worked together for years, she is extremely professional, creates great images and is easy and fun to work with..."

 -Arthur Hardy

"Our Executives never looked so Good! She takes the time with our Attorneys and has been giving us what we need for our web site and printed materials for several years.

 -Horice Foley

"After having a Professional Relationship with Vicki over the years She has always been right there with the flow - shooting ships, aerial, and operations; then laborers one day and CEO's the next... Always delivering professional results."

-Lee Alexander

"Vicki always has the knack for not only getting the right shot, but executing the shot in a way that is unobtrusive to the subjects - Vicki has been capturing the magic and the memories of my events for quite a number of years,"

 -David Schulingkamp

"Stanwycks Photography delivers outstanding Images. We have used her for our corporate websites, at our various locations and all our corporate events. Anything we send her way, she gets it done quickly and beautifully..

-Joanne Paisley

"Professional, Efficient, works hard and completes every project in a timely manner, the photography is fantastic. "

-Janine Trottier

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